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"ʻElua hoʻohui me ʻehiku he ʻeiwa."

Translation:Two plus seven is nine.

December 31, 2019



Why can one not say "Two plus seven equals nine"?? How would one say that in Hawaiian, if not this way, 'olu'olu?


"Added to" could mean "plus." Does the "to" conflict with "me"?


Added to means the same as plus means the same as add means the same as... There is a problem here that there are many ways to say this in English that are clearly what is intended? (My "**" below): HOO-HU-I —  Andrews,  Haw to Eng, 

v. See HUI, to unite. To cause a union between two or more things; to add to; to add on; to annex.

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