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  5. "Chan eil Seòras à Lunnainn."

"Chan eil Seòras à Lunnainn."

Translation:George is not from London.

December 31, 2019



Between the vocal quality, the audio quality, and the particular speech pattern of this older speaker, I am having trouble recognizing vocabulary I know well. If only one or two of these things were an issue, I think I could muddle along . . . but this unit has been frustrating because of this voice. Any else?


I 100% appreciate someone sitting down for God knows how long to record all of this. I appreciate all the different voices and dialects, and think that it definitely helps in learning. I also definitely agree that the quality of a few of these recordings makes it Very hard to get these right.


Turns out that this voice is used a lot going forward; the voice and accent are hard still to understand sometimes, but I have grown used to it ... AND the audio quality is better on other lessons. This ONE lesson definitely needs an audio quality fix. I am also surprised by some of the editing and audio quality over all. (I do voiceover work in a home studio and I feel like many of the audio issues could be fixed . . . ) Still, agreed that it is quite a project to get native speakers who are NOT professionals to record all these phrases, and one for which I am excited.


I have no problem with the other voices and dialect, but this one just beggars belief for beginners edpecially!!


Why isn't 'George does not come from London' accepted?


yup I thought we were being told George was not from Mull. And that was after I'd listened 5 or 6 times as well.


My 81 year old ears have no significant problems with him. Is it speed, pronunciation, voice quality, or perhaps audio quality at either end?


I am coming to appreciate this speaker because my ear is forced to discern the words from more difficult speech.


I think it's funny that the Gaidhlig for London sounds like "Looney" ... In her accent it does, at least.

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