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"Kargan uses the thumb to poke the targ."

Translation:targh 'urghmeH SenwI' lo' qarghan.

December 31, 2019



It feels like there should be a way to say this less awkardly?

targh 'urghmeH Sen qargan That seems less awkward to me. But maybe the meaning is too different somehow? Is that even a proper construction of a -meH clause?


You are correct. That is indeed less akward and more likely to be said by a Klingon. It uses the -meH clause well and uses the word as a verb instead of as a noun, which is preferred in Klingon. However, your version fails to demonstrate the noun version of the word, which I'm sure was the point of this particular sentence. It is not one of our best examples of good Klingon, but it does the job.


The example didn't say "Please demonstrate the noun version of the word." mIQey's sentence is better, and the given sentence is unlikely to be uttered by a Klingon in preference to mIQey's sentence.

Imagine if we insisted on saying "To poke the targ, Kargan was a user of his thumb." Technically correct English, but no one would ever say it that way. I have less data on what a Klingon would say, but clearly using Sen instead of SenwI' is the obvious choice here.


mIQey didn't say that the suggestion had been rejected. In fact, it was already an accepted translation, so if mIQey had tried it, it would have been accepted (barring some other error). Nobody is insisting on anything here. I was explaining why the less ideal version is being shown as the "best translation" here. But if mIQey tries the "obvious" choice (having been assured now that it is fine) it will be accepted as correct. We could argue about the pedagogical value of using a less than ideal sentence to demonstrate a bit of grammar/vocabulary, but I have more important parts of the course to work on. My reasoning above at least explains why a less than ideal version is being used as the "best translation".


I'm on level 1. I was given a multiple choice sentence. So I can't add knowledge as to what is accepted. But I agree that the sentence isn't a good one pedagogically speaking, and isn't the "Best translation".

If we're looking for sentences where using the noun form is preferred, perhaps something descriptive like Hum SenwI' should be used instead? But perhaps this isn't the most important part of focus for the course.

Although it seems like if there are so many other parts of the course that need improvement after a year, perhaps more programmers / moderators are needed? I can possibly assist with the former; while willing to assist with the latter, I may not be the best choice.

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