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  5. "Tha mi air ais aig an taigh."

"Tha mi air ais aig an taigh."

Translation:I am back at the house.

December 31, 2019



Does 'aig an taigh' play the same role as 'at home' does english? Would that be the most natural reading of the phrase in Gaelic?


To a great extent, there's a little photo story in the Speaking Our Language series for the first few books called 'Aig an taigh' which they translate to 'At home'


I am hearing three different pronunciations of the letters 'ai' in "air," "ais,"and "aig." Is my hearing at fault here? :-)


This is the second question in a row that I keep getting an error for typing in english when I'm clearly not. I can't get past it unless I type an incorrect Gàidhlig phrase.

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