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  5. "مِصْر مَكان تاريخِيّ."

"مِصْر مَكان تاريخِيّ."

Translation:Egypt is a historic place.

December 31, 2019



'Egypt is an historic place' is technically still correct.


مصرُ مكانٌ تارِيْخيٌّ or مصرٌ مكانٌ تارِيْخيٌّ

It should be "miSru" or "miSrun if we pronounce the ending sound (or "miSr" if we omit the ending). I hear the audio says "miSran", it is a fault of the voice. Hope they will fix this issue.


I've been listening to a number of sentences with تاريخي and each time it sound like the خ is pronounced as a ف. Has anyone else noticed this or am I mishearing it?


I hear it ok. 23 feb 2021


I'm not sure about Egypt being a place. My feeling is that "place", in English, can't mean something immensely large: a city, maybe, but not a country.


any where that one can go or something can be put is a place. a country is a very big place. i think basically anything that can answer the question "where?" is a place


fun fact egypt is the oldest country in the world


it is?? my country is only 14k years old but in my opinion it is really young


An is correct as in 'an historic place. It is not widely used, but it is correct.

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