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Is anyone learning Arabic?

What do you think so far? I have only just started. Would love to hear others experiences!

December 31, 2019



I like it but that doesn't mean there aren't any issues with it. I'm almost to the 3rd checkpoint. I took 1 year of Arabic in college and despite some of the issues with the course, Duolingo's method is superior to how I was learning Spanish and Arabic in high school and college. People taking the course have complained about the font size. It doesn't bother me but it bothers a lot of people. You're not going to become fluent in Arabic with this course. You should view this as a starting point. My main issue with the course is that when you have to practice (either clicking the barbell or restoring a lesson) too much of the practice time is spent sounding out the words and not enough time practicing vocab and constructing sentences. Despite this, I have enjoyed the course.


Yes, I am learning Arabic too. It’s very hard for me. Some exercises need a sound (don’t have). But the course is in beta and only English - Arabic. Thank’s Duolingo for this course


Hello. I also started the “mondly”app to complement learning and I am enjoying it


I am finding it quite challenging but I am going to try to be able to speak it fluently in a year's time


Good luck! Which Arabic are you aiming for?


I've just begun and have recently passed my first checkpoint. As mentioned, the letters are very small on some of the exercises which makes it hard to see the diacritics. I find the best way to learn is to write the characters down each time they are encountered in the exercises. I am not doing this course particularly to learn the language as I only plan to try this for six months - doing it, as a senior, to exercise my brain! Sorry if that's not an acceptable reason :)


That's a great reason. I saw a study that people who continue to learn new languages have less degradation of their brain later in life. Maybe this will help you be one of those really sharp old people instead of one of the ones who seems like a vegetable someday.


Thank you for your kind comment. I have always enjoyed languages and have read, too, that learning new languages creates new pathways in the brain - so when you inevitably start losing them, you have lots more to spare!!


I don't think there are any unacceptable reasons for learning a language.

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