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"Seall! Tha poileas a' tighinn."

Translation:Look! A police officer is coming.

December 31, 2019



Regardless of the merits of the translation, I find the tone here to be needlessly presumptuous and condescending. "No forced gendering, please!" is not a normal way to start a conversation. We give up a huge amount of time to try and help people on here, a minimal level of politeness wouldn't go a miss.


I want to offer my unreserved and sincere apologies for any irritation caused by the tone and content of my post. I did not want to sound presumptuous or condescending, and I am very thankful to Ciaran for his candid words. I highly appreciate the hard work of all those who are striving to make Duolingo Gàidhlig a success.


Am Faclair Beag has "police" and "policeman" for the lemma "poileas". Colin Mark has only "policeman" for "poileas" (and "the police" for "am poileas"). Angus Watson has "police" and "policeman" for "poileas". Are they all wrong?


No, they aren't. Neither is Joanne if you read what she's saying.

You, however, are incorrect. This phrase cannot be translated as police woman as that is ban-phoileas.


Touché, as far as "policewoman" is concerned. I was indeed wrong on this.

But I am still not seeing why "policeman" isn't accepted as a possible translation, depending on context. If the person approaching is still far away so that you can't find out whether they are male or female (or if you don't see them yet but know the police are coming) it might be the politically correct thing to translate the sentence "A police officer is coming". But if the person approaching is clearly male, in my opinion it is not wrong (and, by the way, not even politically incorrect) to translate "A policeman is coming".


Yes, but the thing here is - there is no context. It isn't about "political correctness", just grammatical correctness. Duolingo gives you a sentence, and you have to give a translation for that sentence. In this one, the word given is poileas. You can translate that as either 'police' or 'police officer'. Whether it is referring to a man or a woman is irrelevant. We just want the word poileas translated accurately into English :)


Well, without context.

I have to give a translation for "poileas". As a learner, I look it up in my dictionaries.

Teach Yourself has "police officer", Colin Mark, Angus Watson and Mìchael Bauer all have "policeman". So why not accept "policeman" as a possible translation?

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