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  5. "Tha i fliuch a-muigh."

"Tha i fliuch a-muigh."

Translation:It is wet outside.

December 31, 2019



That woman's voice it's too difficult to understand as a beginner


1 letter typos aren't corrected by Duolingo, I don't think.


Oh, ceart gu leòr. Tapadh leibh


I'm not so sure. As you get more crowns, the app gets more strict. At it seems that way to me. Some things that used to pass as"typos" don't now.


I was corrected for an-muigh, tho as a typo. It does seem to me things are tightening up as i go along, which is fine


I wrote an-muigh and it wasn't corrected


Yes I have found that às well


She's not giving a glottal catch between 'tha' and 'i.' Other speakers on the course do give a glottal catch between such words. Which is more usual?


Her speech is normal speech; up to now have speakers been pausing between each word for us beginners. Normally you're supposed to tell where the words are because the stress always falls on the first syllable.

(You can hear the i vowel sound after the tha if you listen carefully, by the way.)

To educate your ears to understand normal speed speech: when you know what the sentence is, listen to it repeatedly while tracing the written sentence with your finger. As for the listeningtranscription exercises, I have a file I've copied the vocabulary and grammar and other shorts into, and when I'm stuck, I go through that until something pops out at me.

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