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  5. "Be quiet, look, listen."

"Be quiet, look, listen."

Translation:E paʻa ka waha, nānā ka maka, hoʻolohe ka pepeiao.

December 31, 2019



Previously, with lists of this kind of statement, each command is preceded by "e." What is different with this one that causes it not to require the "e," and what should we look for to know whether to use the "e" in future sentences?


I was thinking more in terms of the length of phrase. Why is it e nānā i ka maka and not just "e nānā* when the speaker is using the command "look?" I mean, technically the solution says "look with the eyes," but the prompt is simply "look."


What about E ha mau, e nānā, e ho'olohe?


Why are the verbs not all preceded by e this time?

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