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  5. "He is still wanting a cow."

"He is still wanting a cow."

Translation:Tha e ag iarraidh bò fhathast.

December 31, 2019



Placing of 'fhathast' in a sentence is linked to what the emphasis is on in a sentence.


Does fhathast always go at the end of a sentence?


It's just how the word placement is, I believe adverbs usually (not sure if it's always) go at the end of a sentence in Gaelic?


The speak button is not working


I am having difficulty figuring out why 'fathast' is lenited here.


Fhathast is pretty much always lenited. Nothing here is trigering the lenition. It's lenited by itself.


You might be correct, but I am not yet persuaded. Unlenited fathast appears in plenty of textbooks I have come across, and I have never seen fhathast suggested as the lexical form (although, for sake of balance, I should say I cannot recall seeing any other lenited lexical forms for any other word!).

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