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Pronunciation question

I don't know if it's just me, but every time I listen to the pronunciation of the word 'wahine'(woman), I hear the letter 'w' pronounced like 'v', but in the word 'wâhine'(women), 'w' seems it's pronounced like 'u'. Can someone tell me the proper way to pronounce the two words?

December 31, 2019



Actually. . . Both are correct, depending on your region, dialect, upbringing, or education. I think wahine is most often pronounced with a "W-Glide," which is a W with a light attack, almost like pronouncing the past tense marker ua. Sometimes it is pronounced as a V, and again light on the attack.


Thanks, but what's an attack?


Aloha e @valetudinarian , I believe @rabelon is talking about the "strength" of the V sound. In Hawaiian, when using the "v" sound pronunciation for the letter "w," it is actually a soft v, not a hard v. Sometimes when heard it can sound something in between a 'w' and 'v'.

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