Hi friends! My name is Ela and I am kind of new. Currently, I am learning French and Arabic with Duolingo which is sometimes hard especially with Arabic as it is a language that doesn't use the latin letters i am used to. Please any advice on Arabic and how to understand it more "fluently" ? Have a great day.

December 31, 2019


I already know arabic fluently as I have been learning it a lot.My advice to you is to repeat the words you learn so you don't forget them

I am learning Arabic as well and I find it helps to draw each of the characters every time they are used instead of just listening. I find it a difficult language to learn because of the non-Latin letters - but I'm stretching my mind!

Idk it was easy for me since I had background haha but start with the alphabet and pronunciation

Oh hi i find it really hard as well just have to keep practising

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