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  5. "Bidh mi sgìth uaireannan."

"Bidh mi sgìth uaireannan."

Translation:I am tired sometimes.

December 31, 2019



"sometimes" seems to contradict the use of bidh for "future" or "ongoing" actions. What am I missing?


Why is this not "Tha mi sgith uaireannan"? We have translated 'Tha mi sgith' as 'I am tired' lots of times in the course till now. I am very confused by the use of the future tense in this section of the course.


I don’t understand this at all. What am I missing? The future tense of to be, being used as present tense is really confusing. Is there a simple step by step online anywhere?


It is 'bidh' being used as the present habitual so presumably the addition of the word 'sometimes' to the sentence means you need to use 'bidh' rather than 'tha'. However, I am very confused about why phrases such as 'tha mi a' fuireach' and 'tha iad a' togail taigh-osta' use 'tha' as they are obviously continuous or ongoing actions and not just something that you are doing right at this moment which was the explanation given in the notes for the 'Sport' section as to why 'bidh' is used in this way.


Why not "I get tired sometimes" ?

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