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"There are one hundred people at the beach."

Translation:Aia he hoʻokahi haneli kānaka ma ke kai.

December 31, 2019



Two questions: 1 what is the function of the "he" in this sentence, and 2 whatever happened to "beach" being "kahakai?" What difference is there in the meanings of "kahakai" (which I've always thought was "beach") and just "kai" like ocean? Because when I hear "ma ke kai" I see in my head someone on a ship on the ocean.


Still need kokua on question #1 above. What does the "he" do? It was such a surprise ro se that in the correction!


I'm with you on the "kai" versus "kahakai" The "he" modifies the number, but in regular conversation I don't hear people using "he" in cases like this. So I am also wondering.

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