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"Cha robh mi ann an Alba Nuadh a-riamh."

Translation:I was never in Nova Scotia.

December 31, 2019



Would it also be possible to say "cha robh mi a-riamh ann an Alba Nuadh"?


Yes! That would be totally grand.


Tapadh leat a charaid!


Which is more natural to say?


Not sure if it's also accepted, but "I wasn't ever ..." and "I wasn't ... ever" should probably be fine too.


It's already there :)


Why is this translation ' I was never...' instead of 'I was not...' ? There's a big difference in English.


Alba should be capitalised in the options but was not.


Yeah, sadly that's not something we can fix :(


Another possible translation is 'I have never been to Nova Scotia'


The problem we've bumped up against here - as in other instances - is the difference between British English and American English. In British English, we would use the present perfect tense - have been, has done, have used, have spoken etc - where American English generally uses the simple past.


What? I'm from New York and would say "I have never been to Nova Scotia."


Am I right in thinking this is whatbyou would say to mean "I have never been to Nova Scotia"? I feel that this phrase might be useful.

The translation given is "I was never in Nova Scotia" would have limited usefulness for me. It might be used if, say, you were pointing out that you weren't somewhere during a certain time. I suppose "never" should mean "never", but in conversational language I think it may get used as "I was never [there] during that time."

Anyway, if the phrase means what I think it might, it would be useful to use.

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