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  5. "Chan eil a' ghrian fuar."

"Chan eil a' ghrian fuar."

Translation:The sun is not cold.

December 31, 2019



It sounds like she's saying an additional word between "eil" and "a'".


The extra syllable is part of the pronunciation of the “ghr” sequence - it’s supposed to be there, it happens in (for example) “ghràidh” as well, but if you’re not used to it then it can really mess with your brain. The more you hear “a’ ghr”, the more natural it becomes.


Hi, I'm not hearing it. It could have been a browser glitch at the time. There is certainly no extra word /syllable in the file itself.


So is "a' " another version of saying "the"? I noticed it seems to be on words starting with ch or gh. Something like "an t-" with words that start with vowels?


It is one way, yes!

The course tips/notes cover it in the first section of "Animals", "The Feminine Article", here:


The short version is that grian, "sun" / "a sun", is feminine and starts with one of "B", "C", "G", "M", "P", so to say "the sun" you use a' + you lenite the word.

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