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"Tha i a' coiseachd cho slaodach ri seilcheig."

Translation:She is walking as slow as a snail.

December 31, 2019



Slowly is better, since, as the adverb it qualifies the verb. Slow is an adjective and should not really qualify a verb.


I do appreciate that. It has the potential to cause confusion with other Gaelic structures (gu slaodach - slowly) and we have to prioritise clarity of the Gaelic over correctness with the English.


'S e do bheatha. So - just to round off the comment, we could translate: 'tha i cho slaodach ri seilcheig' to English: as 'she is as slow as a snail'.


An adjective should not qualify a verb - not necessarily. Would you sooner say "it smells so good" or it smells so well"?


Isn't this an idiomatic use, though? It is a saying, a simile. "A snail is slow", "she is slow" She is as slow as a snail" In the use above, the sense is "She is, at walking, as slow as a snail" The elipsis leaves "She is walking as slow as a snail". No?


English here mirrors the Gaelic. Slaodach - slow Gu slaodach - slowly

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