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"You like the dutiful relative."

Translation:Familiaris pius tibi placet.

December 31, 2019



Isn't the ending -et on placet indicative of a 3rd person ending, not 2nd? Why is it "you" like the dutiful relative?


“You” here is “tibi”. The subject here is actually the dutiful family and a more literal (but less natural) translation of the Latin is “the dutiful family is pleasing to you.” “Tibi” is in another case, the dative case, which isn’t covered very much in this course, but usually corresponds to English indirect objects or phrases beginning with “to” or “for”.


You are absolutely right. Thank you!


For Spanish and Italian learners, this works just like "gustar" in Spanish and "piacere" in Italian.


Wouldn't "Tibi familiaris pius placet" also be acceptable?


This is what I wrote and it was redded. Perhaps it is stylish to put the placet next to the tibi, whether at the beginning or the end of the sentence.


Could I say velis familiarem pium? Can velis be used in this way, i.e. meaning "like" instead of "would like to have"?

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