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Arabic, pronounciation

Can anyone help me with the pronounciation of the letter signed "3" ?? How to pronounce it correctly? Thanks

January 1, 2020



Hello, I'm Arabian by the way! and I'll try to explain..

-The letter ع exits from the middle of the throat, and also the letter ح share it the same exit. You can write on google مخارج الحروف and you'll see a picture for the head with the throat and every letter exits from where. If you are interested I can teach you the exits for all the alphabet (We studied them near in school)

-How to pronounce it? See this video and similar to it.



you're welcome:)


I'm not an expert but the "3" is more of a drawn out "A" sound as compared with the "2." And when I say "A" sound I don't mean like the "a" in apple. Rather it's more in the back of your mouth and throat. I hope this helps:)


Thank you, it helped a lot!! ☺️


Lol I just try my best and say ayyyyyynnnahh

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