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  5. "Paʻakikī ke kula nui."

"Paʻakikī ke kula nui."

Translation:College is hard.

January 1, 2020



"The University is difficult" Why is this wrong? I've seen "difficult" more often than "hard" here, and is there a distinction between "college" and "university" in Hawaiian? I've not seen it.


Probably the same reason why "The college is difficult." was marked wrong for me. We both have "The" and "difficult" in in both our sentences, but which is the culprit that got me the fatal ding??


By process of elimination - "The" is not accepted in this translation. So "The college is hard" is wrong. MUST disregard the "ke" in ke kula nui - and it is just "college".


I said "the college is difficult" too and marked it "should be accepted" until someone can explain why it's *not an acceptable solution?

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