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Je mange le riz

This means "I eat the rice". The program says it can also mean "I am eating rice". But since this is not a defined quantity, wouldn't it be "Je mange du riz" for "I am eating rice?"

Please help! Thanks!

July 31, 2012



addition: But then when I translate "Ils mangent les baguettes" to "they eat baguettes", it says I'm wrong and that i need the "the" for "they eat the baguettes"


It is a bit about context. Say, there is a choice between rice and pasta and people ask you which one you prefer. The answer could be: "I eat the rice" as opposed to the pasta. The baguettes are similar. You are talking about some definite baguettes. When rice is used as a category, in French you say "le riz" but in English rice. Context: What kinds of food do you eat? "Je mange le riz et pas les pommes de terre."


I think it's a bug in the system. It is beta after all. If you are using partitive adjectives in English, you should in French too. "Some rice" should be "du riz" but the system for some reason replaces it for "le riz" on occasion even though it's definitely partitive. I think we have to tolerate it since it's in beta.

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