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  5. "I do not like that at all."

"I do not like that at all."

Translation:Cha toil leam sin idir.

January 1, 2020



Why is this one sin and not seo? In some similar sentence (unfortunately I forget exactly what) I put sin and had it marked wrong because it should have been seo - what's the difference?


seo means this (a thing, place, or time that is close to you), sin means that (something that is a bit farther)


How many spatial zones exist in Gàidhlig? (Sorry if this is an old thread; I can't see the date.) English has 'this' and 'that.' Filipino languages have 'dito (this)' 'iyan (near addressee)' and 'iyon (far away).' Gàidhlig has...


Like in English this, there, over yonder (e.g... 'over yonder hill', or in Scots 'ayont the burn'


Toigh or toil? I saw toigh in an old gaelic grammah manual. Are the two inter-changeable or is toigh old-fashioned and no longer in common usage?


In the tips for the first lesson, they say that some folks use toigh and some toil, and they chose to teach toil because it's more common.

The tips don't show up in the app -- they're only visible from the web interface -- but you can bring up the web interface in your phone's browser: https://duolingo.com

So far, they're the best I've seen for any Duolingo course: strategic, just enough grammar information, funny, and with a table of the grammar covered in the lesson. I've been writing notes from them each time I start a lesson, and copying the vocabulary list.


Is "idir" pronunced eech-erd or eech-ith? I couldn't tell by the voice.

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