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  5. "George has a house."

"George has a house."

Translation:عِنْد جورْج بَيْت.

January 1, 2020



Can't wait to learn who else has a house!


How to differentiate between رْ and ز


I feel you pain :) try to zoom in the the screen if you are on desktop, the first has an empty circle, which is "silenced R", the second is a dot on the letter making it a "Z". So the second can have a silencing circle as well:زْ
like in the word Azrak: أزْرَق


Does anybody know why بَيْت in this sentence has the circle thing above a letter but in other sentences it's not there?


I'd guess that the one who created the question simply forgot to add it :) it is always "Bayt" on duo, and the small circle means its silenced on the letter "y". Ba"y"t.


I said George has a house but that stupid Duolingo wronged it

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