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  5. "مَعَ ٱلْسَّلامة يا سارة!"

"مَعَ ٱلْسَّلامة يا سارة!"

Translation:Goodbye, Sarah!

January 1, 2020



What about "Go in peace, Sarah"?


That's the literal word by word translation. But idiomatically, it just means goodbye.


Literally, it means "with safety".

مع : with

السلامة : safety


Is it pronounced as - salama or as - salamat? Isn't salamat goodbye?



(1) "is it pronounced as - salama or as - salamat?"

It is "as - salama". But, if you want to pronounce the phrase completely (with its ending sound), it is "ma'a as - salamati"/"ma'as salamati" (or in Duolingo transliteration: "ma3a 2as-salaamati"). It is "as - salama" because ة (ta marbuTa) in the end of a statement will turn into the هْ (h) sound.

(2) "isn't salamat goodbye?"

"salamat" literally means "safety". But, when you say "ma'as salama", it means you say "farewell" to someone.

Nb: in a Muslim society, it is better to say السلام عليكم "as-salaamu'alaikum" when we will part, instead of only مع السلامة. And, the responder must say والسلام عليكم "wa'alaikumussalam".

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