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Arabic: A Mathematical Language

Recently, I have started learning Arabic after having developing an interest in Arab culture and have noticed that the rules and patterns in Arabic are quite linear and orderly; almost mathematical. I think that Arabic is a beautiful and I'm so excited to learn deeper with a hope in one day fluently speaking this ancient language! What do you guys think, is Arabic a mathematical language?

January 1, 2020



Yes, and very poetic!


I think that Arabic is special because it brings together two things that might be the hardest for foreign learners: the semitic 3-root system and grammar cases, which makes it more fitting for rhymed poetry, the root system makes words in arabic sound very melodic, and the cases allow liberty in orginizing sentences in any kind of word order.

So I would guess it would be mathematical because it has a special set of grammar that requires the brain to target ahead what you're going to say and orginize with your mind your sentence. So my answer would be "Yes".


I have never loved maths but I love Arabic, so me personally I wouldn't compare the two haha. I find Arabic very natural and rythmic. I tried to learn Turkish, but to me, that language is too mathematical. In the sence of; I have to think all the time how to use the grammar but don't get the feeling for it.


Arabic is no more mathematical than any other language.

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