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Are there two versions of the Arabic tree?

Somebody posted that their Arabic tree has been updated with new lessons. Another poster responded that their tree has not changed so they must not have the new tree. Are there two versions of the Arabic tree? Could somebody describe the difference between the two so I know which version I have?

January 1, 2020



I have read the same rumor. I have the version with 155 crowns and 31 skills. I added Arabic about two months ago and I have always had the same version.


Ok. I have the same as you. So I have the original tree. I added it a week ago. I wonder if it is true that there is a second tree. The rumor I read was that the second version was released three weeks ago. Maybe we read the same thing. But so far nobody has confirmed it or said how their tree is specifically different. If there really is a second tree, then after I finish this one I will delete it to try to get the other tree. But so far I have found no confirmation of the rumored second tree.


a new tree is usually just a bit of added content, just be patient.


Does it show total available crowns somewhere on duolingo? I can only find it on duome (the fan page)

Crowns: 40/155 (26% complete)

Skills: 13/31 (42% complete)

Lessons: 59/150 (39% complete)

19 more days to go at your current pace 2020-01-22!

Lexemes: 413/1053 (You discovered 39% of available words/lexemes)

Strength: 73%


Oh, may I know where you found the rumour of the second version being released because I didn't hear anything about it.


Sure. It here a link to the comment. I am now doubting that it is true. The person who claimed that must be confused.


Edit: I think I saw another comment as well but I can't find the other comment despite looking for it.


the person is not confused but a liar

EspressoTO MK 4747 XP 51. 18 131 Learning Arabic from English Level 9 · 1908 XP 258/600 XP · 43% complete · 342 XP to next level Crowns: 25/155 16% complete · 25 sessions to L1 tree · 5 days to go Skills: 27/31 87% complete Lessons: 125/150 83% complete · 5 more days to go at your current pace2020-01-08! Lexemes: 878/1053 You discovered 83% of available words/lexemes? Strength: 58%


Oh, I see. They have the same 155 crowns in their complete course as the rest of us. Why do people lie?


you got that off their duome profile? do we know if it is accurate?


For the arabic course, it is accurate for this account. (the user may have other accounts. we don't know)

For some other courses, specifically the two very long ones (Spanish from English and French from English), the number of crowns is not the same as the duolingo count. For example, I have 876 crowns in French according to duolingo, but only 557 according to duome. In Spanish, I have 489 according to duolingo but only 453 according to duome.

That is the result of the different way duolingo and duome accounts for total crowns after updates, which are frequent in both of those courses. Since Arabic has not been updated the numbers should match.


when they update a tree they usually do a gradual roll out a few users at a time. when i've been studying the same course as friends it's not uncommon for one of us to get an updated tree a few weeks before the other. i guess they do it so that if there is a glitch it causes trouble for fewer users, and they can sort it out before updating everyone else.


Ah, ok. So I wouldn't want to delete my tree. If new lessons are added, it would be better for me to wait until it reaches me then.

How do you find friends to do a tree with you? I keep asking my friends who study the same languages to do a tree with me but they always have some kind of excuse. But maybe they really aren't as motivated to study as I am. I passed an intermediate exam in one of my languages last year and my friend finally just passed the beginning level. I am definitely working harder than him. So maybe I should ask where you find hardworking friends?

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