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Minecraft Language Server

Hello. There is a Minecraft server for languages, if you didn't know, but there are unfortunately not so many people. The current IP is aroundtheworldmc.net, right now it is on 1.13.2 but it will maybe update to 1.15 some day. There is a useful plugin that lets you add languages to your list and then see what other players have in their language list. Not only languages, but also CEFR levels. There are also many cities that use some languages and there are buildings in style of different nations. I think there are not so many players because a lot of people choose to go to a native speakers server rather than something like language server, but this isn't possible with latin, since there are no native speakers. Many people think that when you learn language, it is very important to communicate with it. Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/aroundtheworldmc/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/NBF2gVy Dynamic map: IP: aroundtheworldmc.net

January 1, 2020



If you want some Minecraft Latin, check out the "divine" Magister Craft on youtube or his own website.

These seem to be aimed at the end of the first year of Latin study, or maybe the second year of high school Latin (just guesses): all the main points of grammar may be used but the language is fairly easy. The Duolingo course is not so advanced as this yet, but hopefully it will be in the future. The videos are extremely enjoyable (IMHO)--presented with a nice sense of humor.

[Added] Thanks for mentioning this, as there's a new Magister Craft presentation about Christmas that I hadn't seen yet.


Thank you for mentioning too. Odyssea Magistri Craft seems to be really enjoyable.

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