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Thanks and what's next

Can't wait to see what's next for the Gàidhlig course. Hope to see short stories at some point soon. Thanks to all the contributors! Very hard work that is very much appreciated.

January 2, 2020



Mòran taing! Just delighted people are enjoying it. Plan is to expand and improve the course further and work is already underway. Can’t say how long it will take to expand (not a secret, I just genuinely don’t know


'S toil leam fhìn an cùrsa gu mòr cuideachd. Cum oirbh!


Same here...am about half-way through the course at the moment...would be great if it could be expanded.


...just beginning the course - but like it very much! Tapadh leibh, a charaid !


Like the others have suggested, learngaelic have the beag air bheag lessons online which are really good! I used to use these with Anki cards - I will prob go back to that in a few months if I get through all the duolingo lessons :)


I am very much enjoying the course! Will definitely have to figure out where to go next after finishing the tree, though, at least until more comes out.


The Learn Gaelic website is excellent! :)


Like Ciaran said, learngaelic.net is wonderful. Links to loads of content including Beag air Bheag and Speaking our Language.


I got my Golden Owlie trophy yesterday and was so sad. I'm happy to have achieved and learned so much, but I dont want to stop. Yes, short stories would be great. Will there be more please?

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