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Duolingo French from English - "Answer doesn't seem to be in French". But it is.

Hi there!

I'm on the Adjectives 2 section, on the listening and then typing section it keeps telling me my answer isn't in French, when it is. I've tried skipping the question, it won't work. I've tried typing in English, still the same error. I've noticed it generally happens on the 6th question, if that's any help.

Thankyou for your hard work,

Emily :)

July 4, 2014



Something similar happened to me whilst practising German! I'd written what I'd heard in German but it said I had written it in English and wouldn't accept my answer :/


"On the 6th question" isn't going to help anyone identify and fix the problem. I would simply have redone the lesson to see if I get the problem by accident, but Section "Adj. 2" consists of 10 lessons.

So, which adjective is the problem?

I think the general issue may be that the input language detection doesn't work reliably for single word responses. But to get this fixed we need concrete examples.


It happens everytime on the 6th question on each different lesson I've unlocked.


I see. That's really weird and can't be explained based on the way I thought this site functions internally. I tried it out:

Lesson 1: Q6 was multiple choice. No problem.

Lesson 2: Q6 was multiple choice. No problem.

Lesson 3: Q6 was multiple choice. No problem.

Lesson 4: Q6 was multiple choice. No problem.

At this point I stopped. Are we both talking about the web interface? So far I just assumed that you are. But if you are using one of the mobile apps, please ignore the next paragraph.

Apparently, in each lesson, Question 6 for me is the first multiple choice question. And apparently for you it's something different. Presumably at least one of us (presumably you, as you are experiencing a bug) is part of a test sample for a small site change. Duolingo does this kind of thing all the time to test which changes actually are improvements before rolling them out.


Yes, this is in the web version of DL.

Yesterday no matter what French I typed in, it wouldn't compute it and gave me the error, rather than a wrong answer. Today it seems to have worked slightly better - in that if the answer is right, it will mark it as correct, however if the answer is still in French, but a specific word/verb is incorrect, it will give me the error rather than a wrong answer.


Really looks like you are part of a test group for a new feature then. At least they are working on it. If it gets really bad again, I guess you can use the Support function on the left hand side. I believe this goes directly to the developers, which is what you need here.


Thankyou for the response, really appreciate it. :)


i'm having the same problem with German as well. It's a real pain as it pretty much stops you from progressing any further in the lesson :/


quitting doesn't help already tried it the first time I quit it let me finish the second time it happened I tried quitting and went on again it still didn't work

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