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"Tha a h-uile duine ag òl IRN BRU."

Translation:Everyone is drinking IRN BRU.

January 2, 2020



I hope IRN BRU is sponsoring Scottish Gaelic in Duolingo, they're sure getting good advertising!


Chan eil mi ag òl IRN BRU. Chan eil IRN BRU an-seo. Tha mi a' fuireach ann an Aimearaga.


Amazon. Diet, 1901, Regular.


Tha moxie soda agad ann an Amearaga!


H-uile duine sounds like the Arabic term كل الدنيا ('koll ed-dunia'), which means "the whole world"! "Iarraidh" also sounds like يريد ('yuriid'), which means "he wants." Arabic is also VSO, also uses conjugated prepositions, and also uses the one that means "in" to say "there is" and the one that means "at" to say "X has/have." And has "pharyngealized" consonants, so the idea of slender and broad consonants isn't entirely foreign. And has a definite article but not an indefinite one. And has vocative particles, and one of the options is pronounced "a." Oh what fun it is to ride!

I keep editing this comment because I keep thinking of things! I wonder if one of those features somehow makes it more likely for the others to also exist or something, even in languages that aren't related.


Duine is a different spelling of daoine. Does that age me and mean it is wrong?


Tha a h-uile duine, including my son-in-law who loves it. But not my daughter who thinks it tastes like bubble gum. Working on these lessons, I got curious and called them to ask. If IRN BRU is helping to support this site, please tell them I can now say "tapadh leibh!"


Cha toil leam irn bru. Tha e cho milis.

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