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"Pay the bill with the credit card."

Translation:E uku i ka pila me ke kāleka kāki.

January 2, 2020



Me means with. Aloha


What's the difference between kāki and pila?


My understanding is that kāki = fee, pila = bill. Similar, but not identical.

A fee/charge you can still choose not to pay (and not receive the goods/services). A bill/check is something for which you likely have ALREADY received goods/services, so are obligated to pay it. And the "bill" is usually presented in some paper form.


Kāki seems to be more like "chargw" and the examples are morw food related -earing out. Pila is more like bill, and seems to be more clothing, or store, related. Observations, not solid fact.


Me instead of ma? Does it have to agree with the article?

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