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  5. "Pule kākou ma mua o ka ʻai."

"Pule kākou ma mua o ka ʻai."

Translation:We pray before eating.

January 2, 2020



Why would we all pray before eating be wrong?


It is not wrong, in my opinion. The next time you see it, respond with "we all pray before eating," then mark it as "My response should be accepted."

[deactivated user]

    Not sure what your question is. E pule kākou ma mua o ka ʻai ʻana. We should pray before eating. "E" means a suggestion or command. E pule kākou ma mua o ka ʻai. Let us pray before eating. (suggestion or command) Pule kākou ma mua o ka ʻai. Is not a proper sentence.
    There's a difference between: Should we all pray. Would you like to pray. AND We should pray. or Pray! Hope this helps.

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