Can anybody in Ireland help me?

Ive only started learning Spanish about 2 or 3 months ago and I'd like to do it for the Leaving Cert. but I did French for the Junior Cert. I was wondering if doing Spanish for the Leaving Cert. will be too hard, also my school doesn't teach Spanish either.

Any bit of advice will be appreciated.

4 years ago

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Does your school only teach French and Irish then? You have to have another foreign language in addition to Irish (at least at my university) It might be bit difficult to do if your school doesn't teach it though, maybe you could something in your transitional year or at evening classes if your school is unable to help? With regards to being too hard, if you can speak French I am sure you will find Spanish just as easy if not a bit easier :)

Sorry I couldn't be of more help but in this case you should probably speak to a careers adviser who can maybe come up with alternatives.....

4 years ago

its fine, thanks for the reply :)

4 years ago
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