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  5. "Tha na coin cho spòrsail."

"Tha na coin cho spòrsail."

Translation:The dogs are so fun.

January 2, 2020



It is easily understandable and reflects the Gaelic accurately. Aside from that fact the translation is fine, we are teaching Gaelic and clarity in that regard is the priority.


Given that one of the alternative meanings given for "cho" is "such", perhaps the suggested translation would have been clearer as "The dogs are such fun".


'Fun' is an adjective in English, therefore 'the dogs are so fun' is a perfectly valid statement. On the other hand, 'such' isn't a great translation for cho - it really does mean 'so', and that's why we've gone with that :)


Fun is not an adjective; it is a noun. It can be used colloquially as an adjective, eg 'we had a fun time', but strictly speaking speaking is is a noun.


If it can be used as an adjective, then, strictly speaking, it is an adjective.

It might have not been an adjective at older stages of the language, and emerged as a reinterpretation of an older noun, but it is an adjective now – since it is used as such by millions of native speakers.


I said that it can used colloquially as an adjective, but it is not correct grammar. I am a native English speaker and I do use fun as an adjective even colloquially.


What is “correct grammar”? Who decides on it? Native speakers use it as an adjective, it is an adjective.

And, besides, dictionaries like online Cambridge dictionary list is as an adjective – even if some do mark it as informal (but Duolingo doesn’t stick to formal register of English so why anybody care even if some speakers wouldn’t accept it in contexts requiring it?).


Dogs are so 'much' fun?


Haven't included much as didn't want to cause confusion. Keeping it as a standard adjective helps illustrate that it follows a similar pattern to other Gaelic adjectives.


"fun" is a noun in English. I like fun. The adjective is "funny" The dogs are funny.

Why use poor English in a course that one trusts is teaching good Gaelic.

The problem occurs here because "fun" is not a good translation of "spòrsail"


The translation might pass in the USA, but it isn't English!


Why? Fun definitely works as an adjective in English, even though some prescriptivists don’t accept that and such usage is rather informal.


How do we know when to us e an not am

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'So fun' (despite a spirited attempt from Americans) is very bad English. The dogs are so MUCH fun The dogs are SUCH fun The dogs are so funny Pick one.

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