"Seo Seumas."

Translation:This is James.

January 2, 2020



This is one we discussed at a bit of length and could have gone with either. Consensus was to use James. We will likely also teach the word "Seumasaich" (Jacobites) at some point and it will probably help to have people associate the term with James or at least be aware of the link.


Seems odd to give "James" in the English; the Scottish people I know by Seumas go by Seumas in English too


Why translate names?


This is the cultural practice in Gaelic. A Gaelic speaker known as Oighrig in Gaelic would be Effie in English. The situation is very different than say with French or Spanish names. Someone known as Seumas could potentially be known as either Seumas or James. We have tried to reflect actual cultural practices as accurately as possible. We also talk about this in the course notes if you would like to read further.


Seo Seamus is down as the right answer. I've entered ot many times but still can't get past it despite trying englishand gaelic variations i've noticed this a couple of times with gaelic to gaelic questions


Very difficult to tell exactly what has gone one here. The answers are correct in the incubator. What is being suggested as the answer when you do this?


The task says to write what i hear, which is Seo Seamus. I does not ask for a translation. So why does it mark my answer wron and tell the translation is right?


Seumas in Scottish Gaelic. Might be some something to do with that.

[deactivated user]

    Seo sounds like shaw when the woman says it and shou when the man says it. Or is it me?

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