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I need help translating a verse

I am trying to translate some poems in Latin back to English and I have come across a word that no Latin dictionary or website that I have found can give me a translation for. For context, the passage is "Desidesque sic sedemus, Nec ridemus, nec gaudemus." but the specific word I can't find a meaning for is Desidesque. If anyone can help me figure this out that would be greatly appreciated.

January 2, 2020



"And thus we sit idle, and we neither laugh nor rejoice." Desides is a nominative plural adjective (nom. sg. deses, gen. sg. desidis) idle, inactive, sluggish" cf. verb "desideo" (from de + sideo) to sit apart, be idle I have the Collins Latin dictionary app on my phone, it is in there, but you have to guess the nominative singular form. lol


It's probably a word with a suffix attached: -que, meaning "and". Which leaves desides.


Judging from the rest of that line, looks like it's the first translation - deses, desidis, lazy or idle - but that's only a guess.

Hope this helps.

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


It looks like it is 2nd person of verb Desideo Desidere Desedi which means I remain or continue sitting. Basicly it is De + Sideo (I sit). So Desides means "you continue to sit" Que is an enclitic which means "and". source: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/desideo#Latin


Salve, Marpas!

It's confusing because "desides" is an ambiguous form, in that it could be 2nd person singular present indicative active of the verb sedeo, as you have noted, but it could also be nominative or accusative plural of the adjective deses, desidis, as noted above.

The -que is postpositive, so it puts "desides" in the same clause with "sic sedemus," without a conjunction, which would be necessary if they were both verbs, especially with a change in person.

Adjectives can be used as substantives, and in this case the nominative plural agrees with the subject of all the verbs in the sentence--sedemus, ridemus and gaudemus.

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