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  5. "an t-sràid mhòr"

"an t-sràid mhòr"

Translation:the big street

January 2, 2020



Does the pronunciation of this just skip the s of sràid? Sounds like t-ràid to me


Why wasn't "the big road" accepted as correct? I'm still recovering from the pain of having "pants" rejected for "drathais", so I'm pretty tetchy right now!


Every sentence should accept pants for drathais so if it wasn't then we have missed one. Do you remember what one it was? Keeping up with all of the possible variations for 12k sentences is an enormous task for 3 volunteers, amongst the many other jobs that we do to maintain the course. Sràid = street / rathad = road. To my mind there is a difference between the two and I wouldn't accept then interchangeably. Cheers!


It's a fair cop guv. Re. road vs. street. The pants thing does seem to be an American English thang though, so it would be good to look at that. I did send something to Duolingo about it at the time. Great work by the team. I live in Laos and am enjoying reconnecting with Scottish culture, even though Gaelic was never likely to have been spoken in the part of Scotland I am from. Of course it would have been handy back in the day to have been able to communicate with the Gaelic equivalent of: "Hey min! Fit are ye daein' pinching ma coos?" Sadly rather than dialogue with their visitors, the townsfolk built a tall wall to try to disuade them. The remains of which still exist today. Great that thanks to Duolingo Gaelic, the walls between Highlander and this lowlander are being broken down. Thanks again, Tony.


Heeheehee! I love this POV! I'm a lowlander....sassainach...but have gaelic roots, and I'm loving being better communicating as would my great grandmother.


I thought only masculine words got the an t- treatment. But then mòr got lenited as if sràid were feminine. Can someone clear this confusion?

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