Two in Gaelic?

I might be remembering wrong but I thought that two was dhà in Gaelic? The lesson I just did said ’dà’. Can anyone explain? Thanks! Love the course so much! Thanks to the course creators!

January 2, 2020


Dhà is used when counting, a h-aon, a dhà, a trì. (Counting forms not covered in course yet)

Dhà is used by itself. Tha dhà agam. - I have two.

Dà is used with a noun. Tha dà chù agam. - I have two dogs.

Hope that helps!

Thanks! That makes sense. They used to count the time on Dotaman on BBC Scotland- that’s where I had heard it! Thanks.

No bother! Anytime!

Basically dhà is very generous with its h. It likes to pass it around to whatever word is following it.

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