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  5. "Halò Eilidh agus Iain."

"Halò Eilidh agus Iain."

Translation:Hello, Eilidh and Iain.

January 3, 2020



Never mind. I forgot the last bit. On that, does anyone know the way to create the accent on a Mac keyboard. In Irish I use the 'command e' to make the fada. Not the same for Gaidhlig.


I’m not sure how to do it on a mac but is it giving you the accent tiles? If it’s not an update will probably put the accents up on screen for you to click on.


Ye don't say "God be with you" like us Irish? Shame


You certainly can - in the Catholic areas - and the only Catholic area in Britain is Gaelic speaking. But in the Presbyterian areas, especially the more fundamental varieties found in the islands, that would be inappropriate. (I don't understand the theological reasoning.) Note that despite enormous theological differences, and some different vocabulary such as for 'Sunday', Gaelic is not related to any sectarian divide in any way. In fact the reverse. Despite the opposing theology, the Gaelic areas were united in favour of Gaelic as it was the people in the middle, the Church of Scotland and the Episcopalian Church that supported the English who were trying to get rid of Gaelic.


Why is it marking it wrong on accents when their aren't any in the word?

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