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  5. "Though she loves him."

"Though she loves him."

Translation:No entanto ela o ama.

April 28, 2013



I wrote "embora ela o ama". What is wrong with that?


"Though" shows contrasts, like "mas, porém, entretanto, todavia..." Embora makes the sentence subordinate, i mean, it cant occur by itself. It can be translate as "in inspite of". I think the Portuguese translation was not so loyal to the meaning in english too. "Porém ela o ama" (also subordinate) would work better. If you use embora, that would be "embora ela o amE"


I wrote "Ainda que ela ama dele" which looked OK to me. Can't see correct solution yet. can't get answer correct either so wrote before skipping.


amar does not require the prepostion DE, so you say "ainda que ela O ame" (although she still loves him).


One of the correct answers " Apesar de tudo ..." suggests not just a simple "though" and more of a "Despite everything ..." which seems incorrect to me. Still not sure if my answer is OK though. hey ho ...


PS. Useful to learn that skipping still lets you see answers and comment, good job DuoLingo.

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