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Struggling a bit.

I've worked through the first few courses easily but I'm just not taking it in anymore. I got through to personal details in level 1 and have struggled ever since. I've been spending a lot of time practising past lessons and not moving forward. It seems in the weather section so many new words are introduced one after another and they are really long. Has anybody else got bogged down and how did you get past it?

January 3, 2020



Thanks all. I have post it notes and am doing other things like writing my shopping list in gaelic. I have now gotten to the end of section one and am going to pause for a while until everything has sunk in. I think my bucket is full and nothing else is going in at the moment. Neither the spelling or the pronunciation is sticking. It helps me if I write lines like in school so am going to do that and just keep practising the classes I've already done.


Lemonie - I've always struggled with languages so I usually need multiple types of practice to "get it". Especially since you're struggling with weather (I get it, it's a lot to take in!!), you may want to take a look at the LearnGaelic app (I know it's available at least for iPad) or their site - https://learngaelic.scot/lg-beginners/jslessons/index.jsp?lesson=1. It's free as well (lots of Islanders trying to preserve the language <3 =)) and their first lesson overlaps well with the weather section.


Hi Lemonie, I would recommend using the grammar notes to help you make sure you are solid with everything that has happened up until that stage and to read them before doing a unit. The weather section doesn’t really have any more words than any other skill. Is there any specific aspect that is confusing you? I can maybe help. Also use the hints liberally! :) https://www.duome.eu/tips/en/gd


Are you doing anything aside from duolingo itself for learning the vocabulary? I find that using old fashioned flash cards and or digital flashcards (memrise, tinycards, anki) really helps a lot. It would take me much longer to learn things without those.

Aside from that, write down the things you are having difficulties with and keep reading though them when you have time in between. You can also try building your own sentences, it often helps anchor things if you actively apply them.

Good luck!

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