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"Playing video games is a fun activity."

Translation:He hana leʻaleʻa ka pāʻani wikiō.

January 3, 2020



Don't we need an ami i to connect the two thoughts?


Not cool. "Hana" was introduced as "work", and "ki'i'oni'oni" was never shown before this. All three choices were identical except for the use of hana, ki'i'oni'oni, and kelekiko.

Trick question.


No, you just have to look up words you don’t immediately understand.


“Activity” is a perfectly logical usage of Hana. We should also be used to “distractors” ... answers out of left field.


Why would nā be incorrect if it is video games? Wouldn't that be plural?


It's a verb playing-video-games.


If it’s a verb — I agree — why does it have ka there making it a noun?


"the playing of video games"? (which would make me wonder if I would have gotten a later one (She wants to play video games) right if I had said "makemake 'o ia ka pā'ani wikiō i ka pa'ani wikio" instead of just "...ka pa'ano wikio" (I understand why "e pa'ani wikio" is right, but that does beg the question of whether it would have worked in THIS exercise...??)

UPDATE: I tried the "...i ka pa'ani wikio" and got it wrong. So may or may not be right (I didn't report it)...?


I go back to my posting 5 months ago….. why “ka pa’ani…” and not “e pa’ani…”? Or are both acceptable?

It is a fun activity the video games It is a fun activity to play video games

I appreciate I may be forcing English into Hawaiian — that is not my intention— I simply wish to learn.

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