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Does it make sense to learn arabic on Duolingo?

Hey people, I dont know why but these sentences sometimes make no senses and there are words i did not learn before and make a sentence out of them. What is wrong with that, how should i know them? What are you experiences? Should i go on learning or quit and use another software?

January 3, 2020



It might maybe depends on what are expecting for learning Arabic. Why do you want to learn this language ? Are you a beginner ? Because if yes, then maybe it's a good thing that you learn here (it's my opinion). Because i do learn Arabic to but i know already how to read it. Sorry if i couldn't help you a lot, what do i say might not make any sense....


i mean i can read in arabic.. but as for the language i am a beginner, but i do not have any problems with the pronunciation at all because my own language have the same sounding. I need it for Work, reading and ofcourse speaking to people.


maybe you should visit this discussion about it: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35840356


This is normal on duolingo, they try to sort of print the sentences in your brain regardless of meaning, and introducing new combinations as you go along, but duo teaches you the basics of the language only.


I am learning a lot using the Arabic course here. Why not just go through the tree once and then see if you are ready to use some other learning resource.


You might wanna try other apps


Hello alph4zz, Arabic on Duolingo has some meaningless words like (zuu, zee, daa, duu) and I can assure you that these words are just nonsense. They should have used meaningful words instead, but the overall, it's terrible.


I'm excited for the future, but right now, no I can't suggest you use Duolingo to learn Arabic. it's pretty bad.


Exactly! I was learning some pronunciation and what the Arabic letters mean and out of no where I am being expected to translate sentences?? Without being taught. It made no sense. I did not experience this at all when learning French here

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