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"There is my mother and my daughter in the background."

Translation:في الْخَلْفِيّة أُمّي وَبِنْتي.

January 3, 2020



Shouldn't the question be "In the background is my mother and my daughter?" or else the answer should be هناك أمي وبنتي في الخلفية


Guess some the option to chose there is missing.


"to choose". " chose" is the past tense. They are pronounced differently. "loose" and "lose" are another source of confusion.


This level is messing with what i know and i have learned so far. ليس متع


Would it be wrong, in Arabic, to change the order: أُمّي وَبِنْتي في الْخَلْفِيّة . ? And if so, could someone explain if there would be a difference in emphasis, or would it just not be Arabic?

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It would mean ‘My mother and daughter are in the background’. There is indeed a slight difference in emphasis: this would be a good answer to a question concerning their whereabouts, but since the topic is called ‘Describing a picture’, ‘In the background (there) are my mother and daughter’ is a more likely thing to want to say.


Thank you very much, iad58g. Just to make sure I've understood you: If the question (in the context of looking at a photo) is "Where are your mother and daughter?" You could answer: "My mother and daughter (or more likely, "they") are in the background". But if you asked "Who/what is in the background?" You'd answer: " In the background are my mother and daughter." Is that right?

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To the best of my understanding, yes.


Thank you! Then it's just like Russian: as a rule they put the known at the beginning of the sentence, and the new, interesting information, at the end. There's fancy names for these two things in linguistics. Let me think... ah yes theme/rheme, or topic/comment, and I expect there are others.


in russian the order is pretty loose. You can say, на этой фотографии вы видете мою мать и дочь ИЛИ моя мать и дочь на этой фотографии it doesn't really matter that much. As long as you confess )))


Asadallah6: yes, confession is the main thing! Have a lingot.


Even in describing a picture, it seems to me the natural word order would be, "My mother and daughter are in the background."

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