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"Tha mi ann an oilthigh fhathast."

Translation:I am still in a university.

January 3, 2020



"I am still in university" is also a correct translation.

In English, either "I'm still AT University" or "I'm still IN university" are acceptable. Is it the same in Gaelic? (ie. can one use "ann" and "aig" interchangeably in this context?)


The word "fhathast" in this recording sounds nothing like it should.


Are you talking about the "fh" part? That's just how those two letters sound together. (Like the combination "the" in English.)


Sounds fine to me. Maybe they fixed it?


Please accept good English. "At a university", not "in a university."


It doesn't say "at a university". It says "in a university".

Ann an means in.

At a university would be "aig an oilthigh."


English is hardly a monolith.


How would you say: "I am still AT university"?


Tha mi aig an oilthigh


why is 'college' not an acceptable synonym for 'university'?


I could be because a university is a group of colleges.


This answer only makes sense if you are , for example, a pest control officer who is treating an outbreak of something and is reporting back to head office. A student will always be AT a university, never IN a university (and no comments about students never being in university either!!). I know Duolingo has some very weird phrases in this course - 'who are you father' or 'a cow and a friend' - but this is just so far away from being a phrase you will ever need/use/ see again... bonkers. Ah well, na gabh dragh. Co sibhse, athair? Bo no caraid?


I was at university in Glasgow. I have left university. I never used "in"


For American English speakers, college = university. Can we not accept "I'm still in a college"?


Listen, ive written the correct answer for English grammar a hundred times now. You can only be AT university in English. Your question is wrong. Change it. It's maddening. I refuse to be "in university" because you cannot be "in university" in Englisn, even if that is the correct preposition in Gaelic. Its just wrong. Change fhe correct answer to thr question. Im tired of entering the correct answer to be told it js wrong. Ive done it over a hundred times now and cannot progress.


In Canada we say both "in" or "at" university, pretty much interchangeably. The same way we say one is located in Nova Scotia or recovering in the hospital, one is studying in university. You could say "at" but "in" is perfectly acceptable and more common, at least where I live. If you are mentioning a university by name, you might say "I'm at Dalhousie University".


I'm afraid the only way in which you can progress is to input the answer they want - otherwise you will continue to be marked 'wrong'. I know it irks, but I have had to do this on many occasions when I disagree with how the answer is phrased.


The correct preposition in English is "at" - nobody is "in" university. You are "at" university. I will keep failing at this question repeatedly. I am right. The question is wrong.

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