"Ann am baile."

Translation:In a town.

January 3, 2020



How would you say "in town"?


ann am baile


'An/am/an t-' - pesky little words = the. Thought I had it down with 'an taigh/ an t-aran' = the house/ the bread etc. But now... òbh, òbh! 'Ann an/ ann am... (don't know about 'ann an t-?) but now they mean 'in/ into'. Because of the ann, I get that. Still, I have fuses going off in my brain trying to keep grasp. Tell me it gets easier over time...


One week later: ann am = in. But of course! I know that......... now ;)


Just to be clear, you now realize that 'ann an/m' has nothing to do with the definite article (an/am/a'/an t-) right?


I do, now :) In my Danish mother tongue, we also have same words meaning different things, depending of context, and I just know that, of course. Was really thrown, though, when encountering it in Gaelic language. Patience, persistence and perseverance does it!

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