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  5. "Is toil leam na caoraich."

"Is toil leam na caoraich."

Translation:I like the sheep.

January 3, 2020

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You've got "caoraich" written with an "a" where you should have an "ai" and before you ask...let me say I don't explain these things all that well, so be patient with me and I'll endeavor to be the same with you. "Caora" is the singular and the ending for the plural is "ich" which has a slender vowel (the i).In order to keep slender with slender and broad with broad which is what the Gàidhlig likes of at all possible, you have to have an a in front of the slender vowel as you add-ich to caora to form the plural. This is a common plural in Gàidhlig too. It helps a lot to remember the spelling rule, but where these plurals are concerned, you just have to memorize them. Hope that helps.

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