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  5. "I have a big head."

"I have a big head."

Translation:Tha ceann mòr orm.

January 3, 2020



Thanks for flagging this! A bheil ceann mòr aice should not have been accepted. It was a mistake at our end.

The ceann orm is the only way to say that you have a head (meaning attached to your neck).

Tha ceann mòr agam would mean that you had a big head in your possession (not a good thing to be telling folk!)

Sorry about the confusion and thanks again for flagging. Essentially the other one shouldn't have passed but it now wont.


But another of the sentences on the course, for translation into English, is "Tha beul mòr aice." Do some body parts require air and others require aig?


I just used agam, which was marked as correct.


agam is correct, if you're talking about having a big head on the wall or a big sheep's head for the meal or a head otherwise in your possession. orm is the one you want if the head on your shoulders is large.


Interesting it's Orm and not Agam. So you are wearing your head. :)


why is agam wrong? The other day I had A bheil ceann mòr aice? Does she have a big head? and this passed without a problem.


Heya as CI Mac Aonghais said, "orm" = "on me", agam = "at me". So one is you have at you/in your posession, and the other you have physically on you/attached to you.

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