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  5. "Scotland are good at rugby."

"Scotland are good at rugby."

Translation:Tha Alba math air rugbaidh.

January 3, 2020



The English given for this is "Scotland are good at rugby" Should it not be "Scotland is good at rugby?"


I could well be wrong here but I would always say are in this situation, given that you are talking about a group of people and not the actual nation itself.


I would say "Scotland are" as well. The only time I use "Scotland is" is when I'm talking about Holyrood or describing it as in, "Scotland is the home of ... ".

It's consistent with "Runrig are good" -- even though I'd argue that yes, they are good people individually and they've done great things for Highland/Island culture in the last 45 years, the implication is that "Runrig are good {performers/musicians/at music}".

If you're an American then it doesn't come naturally to say that - we would generally say, "Dallas is great this year", even though we would also say, "The Cowboys are great this year" (the team's name is "Dallas Cowboys").

Sorry, a bit rambling but 1) "are" is consistent and "proper", and 2) if he's an American then he would almost have certainly learnt it as he's asking.


Interesting. I'm in Canada, I think we'd view a country as a single unit. I'm learning a lot about the differences in English in addition to Gaelic.

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