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  5. "Latha uabhasach."

"Latha uabhasach."

Translation:A terrible day.

January 3, 2020



I seem to remember là from an early attempt to learn Gaelic. Later I learned latha. I had a look in my friend Am Faclair Beag, and almost all of the examples using là are for some kind of special day, a saint's day, birthday etc etc. Là na Nollaig, Là na Caisge. Would it be fair to say that this sort of situation là rather than latha would be the preferred form, then latha would be used in more "mundane" situations?


Ye.s Advisory corrects 'an awful day'


I (perhaps wrongly) thought that là and latha were equally valid spellings of the same word?


Hi, là uabhasach is an accepted answer for this. Did it not get accepted?


Can confirm là doesn't work as it's the spelling I always use.


Ok, is this during listening exercises? Là is listed as an acceptable translation here, but not as an interchangeable homophone when "latha" is heard. This is on our list of things to change in the course expansion, but unfortunately it has to be done as part of a wider change. Tapadh leat a-rithist!


Ah I think it was a listening exercise


That makes sense! Good to know. We are working away at expanding the course and fixing this will be done as part of that. :)


I don't think so, I did check for typos in uabhasach but maybe I missed one, I'll keep an eye out next time it comes up

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